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The Hut Nation is a member driven community for event planners, event hosts, event goers and a wide range of service providers. It is a one stop shop for the above categories of people, catering to their specific needs which may vary from event planning to entertainment everything in between, and more.

The Hut Nation provide venues for event planners, event hosts, event goers and offer specific services and activities to all members of the Hut Nation Community. These activities and services are tailored to the specific desires/interests of the members as desired.

The extent of the activities and services provided for any given event is based on the budget proffered by the Hut, or the event host.

Types of Memberships

General Membership: This level of membership comprises of individuals, corporations or    groups in a society or organization that require our member venues, or services offered by our member vendors.

Facility Membership: This level of membership is reserved for Partner facilities that provide the venues to our members at member-agreed prices. These facilities are called ‘Hut Spots’ which range from event halls, clubs, restaurants, hotels etc.

Event Consultants Membership: This level of membership caters to individuals with experience in differing event planning fields. These individuals sign up with Hut Nation as independent event planners, adhering to the guidelines and rules outlined by Hut Up Inc.

Vendor Membership: This level of membership is provided to a variety of individuals or groups that offer such services as catering, musical and other forms of entertainment, promotion and marketing, equipment rentals and so on.

Types of Locations

Members of Hut Nation can choose from a variety of locations to either host or plan for their events. These locations are defined below:

Hut Spot: These are Member business facilities that are set up by “Team Hut” for various public and private events.

Home Spot: These are members’ homes that are set up by “Team Hut” for various private events.




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